Maximum Dimensions
6000 x 3210 mm

*Measurements according to type of project. Contact our technical advisers and consultants: tecnico@duglass.com

Low Maintenance Treatment
Enduro Shield


EnduroShield TM is a protective permanent coating to use in all kinds of glass surfaces. The product is a transparent liquid that is pulverized on the glass and by means of a covalent union creates the permanent coating. It has a permanence of 10 years in new glass and of 3 years in already existing glass.

Enduroshield TM is not a traditional coating  covering the glass surface, but a chemical adhesion that turns into permanent in the whole glass surface. It protects against the corrosion and the spots of pollutants, including the mineral salts and pollution and makes easier the cleaning (it reduces the cleaning time in 90% and also the consumption of water and detergents).

The no-treating glass has pores and, as consequence, absorbs pollutants that cause his deterioration and discoloration. The deterioration of the surface makes the cleaning more frequent and difficult. Enduroshield TM seals the pore helping to prevent the deterioration caused by the spots and the corrosion.

EnduroShield TM can be used on all type of glass surfaces as bath screens, curtain walls, windows, balustrades, mirrors, skylights and also automotive windshields and train windows.

Ariño Duglass can apply EnduroShield TM to all the product rante once finished, before packing and delivering to client.



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