Our work

Our continuous investment in research and development allows us to incorporate the latest manufacturing processes and methods in record time, driving excellence and a general improvement that it’s then felt and seen in the final product. We develop and create innovative and exclusive solutions to meet our customer’s needs, building a long lasting relationship.

Quality certificates and international regulations

We have passes every standard and certification in the industry to enable us to provide an answer in every situation. We offer products that both match the highest quality standards and complies with all current standards and regulations at a worldwide level.

Our three big goals

  • To contribute to the energy saving trend in construction and optimise temperature regulation in the buildings.
  • To create and develop new products that match and surpass the industry needs and expectations.
  • To automatise as many processes as possible contributing to a higher quality product by minimising human errors and lowering the potential for
    work-related incidents.

We incorporate the latest technologies into our day-to-day processes

Our collaboration with the University of Zaragoza

With a 20 year relationship on its shoulders, Ariño Duglass works closely with R+D groups at the University of Zaragoza, developing innovate products and new layering processes for projects all over the world. One example is the latest high speed train project in Arabia Saudi, La Meca- Medina, featuring an anti abrasive system for the windows.

Ariño Duglass Professorship

The University of Zaragoza and Ariño Duglass recently created a professorship to promote the research and development of glass amongst students. This professorship has the main goal of driving collaboration between entities, develop new learning and favour advanced investigation in the field.

The INNPACTO - EMAP project

Within its R+D outlook, Ariño Duglass currently participates in a multi- discipline project develop by a few private held companies in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza with the goal to develop a multi-layer polymer structure, aimed mainly at transport, security and defence.

This project is financed and promoted by the Ministry of Finance. Reference
ITP-2011-1273-420000 Years 2011-2014.