Glass Specialists

Ariño Duglass is one of the first independent European companies fully dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of glass. Extensive experience that commenced in 1952 and customer trust along the years, has put us at the forefront, placing the group amongst the elite in the sector.

  • 1952

    Glass was cut to order in a small haberdashery that belonged to the Ariño family in Zaragoza

  • 1968

    Moved location to accommodate demand, multiplying our space and implementing state-of-the-art machinery for that age.


  • 1973

    Moved installations to current location. Manufacturing and development of rail products began.

  • 1990

    Ariño Duglass acquieres Magnetron line. This new line enabled the development of new solutions through solar control and low-e.


  • 1995

    Ariño Duglass signs a collaboration contract with the University of Zaragoza that still stands to date.

  • 1996

    R+D department was created, experts and researchers that took the company to the industry reference that is today.


  • 2016

    Ariño Duglass gets the “Triple Hélice” award to the most innovative company in the región of Aragon. An independent professorship is created with the University of Zaragoza to research and development of glass products and processes.

  • 2020

    25th anniversary of the collaboration with the University of Zaragoza. Ariño Duglass increases annual turnover and consolidates international expansión.



57 Countries using our glass

75% of our production is exported

1500 Main Projects

21 process lines

150 Employees working for you

About Us

Ariño Duglass, an industry leader worldwide with a high quality technical glass product in constant development that adds value through innovative services and solutions.

To be a highly dynamic and adaptive company, capable of implementing the latest technologies and solutions to meet our customer’s demands and high quality.

Quality: We offer the highest quality and most researched products on the market, coupled with and efficient service and always aiming for excellence to surpass our customer’s expectations and needs.

Innovation: We promote continuous innovation and process development of our manufacturing methods that sets us apart from competition.

Responsability: We not only care about the quality of our products but we ensure the impact of our production is minimal, this contributes to the betterment of our social and economical environment whilst reducing our footprint on earth resources.

People: Our people is our most valuable asset. We ensure the development of our people, encouraging diversity and always aiming for talent development and excellence.

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