Maximum Dimensions
6000 x 3210 mm

*Measurements according to type of project. Contact our technical advisers and consultants: tecnico@duglass.com

Sound Insulution Glass
Sonic Ambience


One of the major factors of stress today in industrialized countries is stress, physically andmentally wearing out many people. The  acoustic insulation of a building starts with exact planning and choosing the right materials needed. To help in this process Ariño   Duglass has developed a range of products that provide improved acoustic attenuation. Acoustic attenuations of Rw=49 dB in   configurations of insulating glazing.

The range of Sonic glass includes laminated glass that incorporates a special PVB with the better acoustic performance. The special characteristics of this PVB manage to absorb the sound extremely well. This property combined with the right design for insulating glass allows for the highest acoustic performance in double glazing configurations.

In addition to the acoustic performance of glass, it is very important in the acoustic insulation of doors, windows and facades that the carpentry and installation of the afore mentioned comply with the required technical acoustic demands.



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