Maximum dimensions
6000 x 3210 mm

*Measurements according to type of project. Contact our technical advisers and consultants: tecnico@duglass.com

Color Laminated Glass
Stralami Color Vanceva®


Stralami Color laminated glass is obtained by the union of a number of sheets of glass with one or various sheets of PVB from the Vanceva family, adding to the high technical quality of laminated glass and producing glass with an innovative esthetic look.

By combining different sheets of PVB coloured Vanceva, one can obtain a range of up to 1200 transparent and translucid tones that will help to achieve the desired tone and intensity, obtaining a unique personalized aspect on facades, glazing, banisters, walls and doors. All this makes this product an innovative concept in laminated glass which broadens the horizon for the creativity of architects and designers.


Go to www.vanceva.com to see the full Color Selector tool and order samples.
The mobile version of the Color Selector Tool is available on the Vanceva website. Please tap here to continue.



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