Maximum Dimensions
5000 x 2450 mm

*Measurements according to type of project. Contact our technical advisers and consultants: tecnico@duglass.com

Variable Solar Control Glass SelectSun


The SelectSun solution is the result of a research project developed by b720 architects and Ariño Duglass.

It is a solar control glass that, passively, adjusts the passage of solar radiation to different times of the year in order to optimise energy consumption.

It is a laminated glass formed by the union of two or more sheets of glass in which a reflective metallic coating (DecometalReflec) is placed according to a geometric pattern adapted to each façade.

In a conventional solar control glass, the Solar Factor and the Light Transmission maintain the same value throughout the year; therefore, adequate Light Transmission and Solar Factor values in summer are inadequate in winter.

In SelectSun the Solar Factor and Light Transmission vary with the angle of incidence of the Sun, and we can achieve for the light and energy contributions in summer to be up to 50% lower than in winter with consequent savings in lighting and air conditioning.

SelectSun can be defined as a variable solar control glass where metal layers replace moving slats, blinds, shutters, awnings or any other conventional system used today, all with a high cost and costly maintenance.

Finally, add that it can form part of glass units with chamber, low emissivity, acoustic or any other manufacture.

SelectSun glass is cheaper, more durable and reliable than any other variable solar control system.



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