The Ambience insulating glass is made up of two or more sheets separated one from the other by a sealed air chamber or another  dehydrated gas (argon or crypton) that is obtained using an aluminium profi le separator which includes a humidity absorber. The air tightness of the double glazing is achieved by using two barriers: fi rstly a butyl sealant followed by a second sealant madeof poly-sulphur or silicon. The adhesive and elasticity properties of the second sealer guarantee the integrity of the sealing.

Ambience insulating glass combined with the Ariplak Solar solar control glass or Ariplak Low E-SP high performance glass combines the advantages of both types of glass. On the one hand, the low solar factor reduces the quantity of harmful solar energy on the inside of the building (energy that contributes to a greater demand for air conditioning during hot weather). In addition the low thermal transmission (U-value) improves the energy balance of the building contributing to a saving of energy and a reduction in the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere


Maximum Dimensions Minimum Dimensions Thickness
5500 x 2700 mm 350 x 190 mm 60 mm

*Consult our Technical department for other dimensions and thickness.