High Performance Coatings
Aripak LOW E-SP


Ariplak Low E-SP is the range of high performance glass of Ariño Duglass. High performance treatments provide for an optimum relation between transmission of light, solar factor and thermal insulation. The Ariplak Low E-SP glass is composed of thin layers of silver and metal oxides deposited on the surface of the glass. They should always be installed in the configuration of double glazing with the coating situated on the inside of the chamber.

On the other hand these layers possess high selectivity between visible and infrared. They are very transparent to visible light and reflect a large amount of the infrared radiation which permits a considerable reduction in the amount solar energy entering while maintaining a high transmission of light. This property is responsible for achieving the requirements of solar protection and savingenergy, both of which are currently required, thus contributing to a more sustainable structure.




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