Ariño Duglass specialises in the manufacture of glass and lateral windows for high-speed and medium-distance regional trains. Within its product range, it can provide alternatives for covering the highest level of requirements in aesthetic appearances, solar and thermal control and noise attenuation, together with impact and penetration protection. To this end, it combines several glass treatments into the same glazing:

  • Toughened glass
  • Silk printed glass
  • High-impact strength Laminated glass
  • Double-glazing
  • High-performance Coatings for solar control and thermal insulation
  • Laminated curved glass
  • Toughened curved glass

The glass manufactured by Ariño Duglass enables the quality criteria and requirements of the various standards in the sector to be fully met, such as NF F 31-129, 31-250, 31-250; BS 857; ANSI/SAE Z26, etc, together with the specific technical specifications as required by each project.

Ariño Duglass has a great deal of experience in supplying glass for metros, trams and commuter trains services. Its product range in compositions of toughened monolithic glass and low-thickness laminated tempered glass is the most suitable for the glazing of such applications. Combining anti-solar glass with high-performance coatings provides various aesthetic appearances that adapt to the design requirements established in each project.
Ariño Duglass offers options for adding other treatments to its products to improve them and also contribute anti-vandal and anti-graffiti properties.

  • Anti-vandal film. Applied in a dry process at the factory under controlled conditions, which ensures the very best filmquality and adherence.
  • Exterior hydrophobic treatment. This is a fine layer applied to the exterior glass surface that reduces the adherence of dirt and paint.

All this adapts to the demands of the various standards within the sector and to specific technical specifications as required by each project.

Ariño Duglass provides solutions to the most innovating requirements in coach interior design. Its experience in decoration with glass and the use of special techniques for glass treatments enables us to provide new ideas and products for application inside the train, which directly affects its user comfort.

  • Waterjet cutting system. This is a precise flexible cutting system for the manufacture of free-form partition-screens and securing notches.
  • DecometalReflec. This is a decoration system that enables us to create reflecting designs in the glass, available in gold and silver tones.
  • Duglass Design. This toughened glass that is decorated using permanent vitrified ceramic paint with the option to adapt the colour to the RAL chart.
  • Stralami Color. This is laminated glass that incorporates a PVB VANCEVA® film which, by combinations can produce a range of over 1.000 different colours.

Moreover, Ariño Duglass develops and manufactures all types of auxiliary glass as used in trains, adapting it to the needs and characteristics of each application:

  • Headlight glass. In toughened laminated flat glass, curved rolled glass and curved toughened glass configurations. It includes the option for adding any type of seal and metal insert etc, which facilitates its installation and improves performance.
  • Glass for exterior indicators. Glass that is decorated using silk-screening, using clear glass or including the required glass colour for integrating the indicator into the train windows.
  • Reflecting interior indicators. Employing a metal coating on the glass that makes it possible to produce a mirror-type indicator through which information is displayed by means of internal LEDs.