Duglass tempered glass is a product that is safe while offering a high mechanical resistance and a high resistance to thermal tensions. Duglass tempered glass is obtained by subjecting the glass to a controlled thermal treatment which consists of heating the glass till it reaches a temperature close to its softening point and then cooled very quickly with forced draughts of air on its surface.
Due to this thermal process the glass obtains the surface tension necessary to strengthen its mechanical characteristics.

Duglass tempered glass is safe because in case of breakage, it will shatter into small fragments with a minimum cutting capacity which is why it is recommendable in applications where there is a risk of breakage (automotive, sports, furniture, shower screens, etc.)

For tempered glass, the risk of spontaneous breakage due to Nickel-Sulfide is not covered by Ariño Duglass. 
In Ariño Duglass, on request, the Heat Soak Test treatment can be carried out according to the European Standard EN 14179 “Glass in building. Heat-Soaked thermally-toughened soda lime silicate safety glass”.

Maximum dimensions Minimum dimensions Thickness
4200 x 2440 mm (standar) 300 x 300 mm 4 – 15 mm
4500 x 2440 mm (standar) 300 x 300 mm 4 – 15 mm

Consult our Technical department for other dimensions and thickness.