The EN 356 norm defines eight levels of classification from trials that show the aptitude of glass to resist the impact of thrown objects or robbery attempts (refer to tables).

The level of protection chosen within the Stralami range depends on the degree of risk and also the nature and value of the goods to protect. The different levels of protection allow the production of shop windows and doors, entrance doors and office windows. Moreover Stralami glass guarantees the protection of its occupants from injuries in case of an accident.

The high elasticity of PVB makes it highly resistant to impacts. As the Stralami laminated glass is resistant to penetration it is ideal for use in the safety and protection of people and goods. If breakage occurs the glass fragments remain adhered to the butyral and the structure remains intact, reason for which it is safe for people close by and it makes it diffi cult for anyone or anything to get through.

Stralami laminated glass meets with all the requirements of the norm UNE-EN 12600 relative to pendular soft impact, reaching the maximum level of protection, classifi cation 1B1. Consult our technical department for advice on the necessary composition.

When people need to protect themselves from armed attacks (banks, police stations, military installations, etc.) Stralami Bulletproof is used. These compositions have, in accredited laboratories, passed the resistance tests of different fire arms according to the UNE-EN 1063 “Glass in building. Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack”.