Ariño Duglass has added Ambience Warmedge to its range of insulating glass, which has a new insert to replace the previous aluminium metal. These new Warmedge inserts are insulating plastic-stainless steel composites.

The new Ambience Warmedge has improved the thermal performance of insulating glass, as the interior glass temperature is more   constant across its surface, thereby reducing the risk of condensation on the edges.

To achieve the highest performance in thermal insulation, Ariño Duglass uses triple glazing, with two gas-tight chambers incorporated in the Ambience insulating glass instead of one. By using triple-glazed glass combined with Ariplak Low E-SP glass and argon gas, thermal insulation U values up to 0.6 W/m2K can be achieved, which makes it a very appropriate product for cold weather. Also, the replacement of the conventional aluminium spacer by a Warmedge insert can itself be replaced by Ambience Tri.

Maximum Dimensions Minimum Dimensions Thickness
5500 x 2700 mm 350 x 190 mm 60 mm

*Consult our Technical department for other dimensions and thickness.